Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading Strategies

In this area we will talk about all the working bitcoin and altcoin trading strategies. These are suited both for short-term and long-term investors. Coins offer you great opportunities you will never find in the real estate, stock, futures or other markets. With an average coin portfolio you were able to make over 400% in returns in the last 12 months (of this writing) compared to a lousy 7% at the stocks market. But obviously the coin market is more volatile as well meaning that one coin can become meaningless pretty soon but also jump up 200% from one day to the other. This may happen with a few stocks as well but not with the whole market. So when you look at the big picture coins are more risky because the market is more volatile. But that also means the market is smaller and offers much more opportunities for growth. The world’s stock market may continue to grow 5-7% each year but with coins we are far away from saturation meaning that we can expect extremely high growth rates for a considerable amount of time from now on (in 2017). So prepare yourself and make the most out of it.