BTCChina review

BTCChina was founded in 2011 and in 6 years has turned into a powerful bitcoin platform where users can not only trade bitcoin, but also mine.

BTC China is the world leader in bitcoin trading volumes.

Monthly trading volumes:

btcchina monthly trading volumes

Currency pairs:

  • BTC / CNY (0% commission)
  • LTC / CNY
  • BTC / BTC


  • 2 passwords: to sign in to your account and billing
  • 2 Factor Authentication for logging in and withdrawal of funds
  • Account management by API
  • Verification of mobile phone, with which you can further customize your account.
  • To create a profile, you need to confirm the identification data (passport), including proof of residence. You can be asked, for example, about bills for electricity written with your name and address.

Ways to enter and withdraw funds on the BTCChina exchange:

  • Bitcoin, lightcoin
  • Bank transfer
  • BTCC voucher

Margin Trading:

Available section of no-fee marginal trade with 20 leverege (Products -> Pro Exchange x20)

btcc pro exchange

Interface languages:

  • Chinese
  • English

Important events of BTCChina Exchange:

BTCC opens new service – BTCC USD Exchange:

This is a great responsibility and a great opportunity ”

This is how CEO BTCC Bobby Lee (Bobby Lee) describes the launch of its stock exchange. Formerly known as BTC China, BTCC is taking steps to expand its customer base internationally.

BTCC announced that it is launching a new BTCC USD Exchange service with the support of a new user interface that will be managed by a separate legal entity. The US dollar will be traded in tandem with the Chinese yuan. Lee also argues that support for more currencies will follow in the future.

“USD Exchange is our first step, which will show the world that we are going to become an international company”

Lee also sees a plus in the situation related to hacking of Bitfinex, the Hong Kong stock exchange, which in August this year lost almost 120,000 BTC (at that time more than $ 60 million).

“We are trying to resist the Bitfinex exchange,” Lee said. “I think their volumes are small”

In the conversation, Lee openly reflected on the possibilities of BTCC to surpass this exchange. In continuation, Lee added that he is exploring the practice of margin trading and is taking steps to add active users to the stock exchange.

The BTCC said it would use a referral program to stimulate customers and offer faster deposits by integrating with the existing pool for mining.

Exchange BTCC will add Ethereum classic:

BTCC announced the launch of a new service – BTCC USD Exchange. No sooner had everyone been happy with this news, as the management decided to present another pleasant surprise – to add an etherium classic.

On July 26, 2017, the ethereum team had to make a hard fork. The result is an ethereum classic.

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