Bitstamp review – Buying and Selling Bitcoin and Altcoin

Bitstamp Exchange was registered in 2011 by the brothers Damian and Nejc Kodric. Bitstamp – one of the first bitcoin exchanges, where you can buy or sell bitcoin.

Bitstamp is part of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world.

In February 2014, the exchange was officially recognized as the largest trading platform in the pair BTC / USD, and in the summer of the same year, bitcoin exchange took the award “The best startup in Europe working with crypto currency”.

Bitstamp regularly improves the quality of services provided, as well as the security of all transactions for its users. This Exchange is registered in Slovenia, legal address of exchange is in Luxembourg, at present the Bitcoin business of the exchange is in the UK.

Bitstamp is the gateway of the Ripple payment system.

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Monthly trading volumes:

Bitstamp Trading Volume

Ways of input and output of funds on Bitstamp

The peculiarities of the bitcoin exchange include its rules for account verification: to create a profile, it is required to confirm the identification data including proof of residence. You may be asked, for example, for electricity bills written in your name. Communication with the administration of the site is carried out using a ticket system.

You can enter and withdraw funds in the following ways:

  • SEPA – European translation
  • payment systems: AstroPay, Ripple, bitcoin
  • international bank transfer

Each trade transaction takes place with a commission of 0.25%. The percentage depends on the volume turnover of funds for current month and can be reduced to 0.1%.


bitstamp btc eur


bitstamp btc usd

Current commission on deposits and withdrawal of funds can be viewed on -> the official website <-

Mobile Version:

Currency pairs:



  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • when you withdraw funds, a notification is sent to confirm the transaction
  • account management by API
  • verification of a mobile phone with which you can set SMS Price Alerts

Important events of  Exchange Bitstamp:

Hacking for $ 5 million and resuming the work of the exchange:

In January 2015 bitcoin exchange Bitstamp was hacked. The result is a theft of 18,977 BTC (5.3 million dollars or 4.4 million euros). This incident caused a significant damage to the exchange’s reputation, as a result, the bitcoin rate fell significantly.

The results of the investigation of a group of criminalists from the firm Stroz Friedberg indicate that the hacking operation was prepared carefully and for a long time, in fact it was a series of thoughtful phishing attacks on six employees of the Bitcoin exchange. It is noteworthy that the funds on the “cold” purses of the exchange were not affected because of the fact that the specified resource uses multi-signatures for off-line (“cold”) repositories of bitcoins and other security measures.

Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp was suspended in Russia:

In January 2016 bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp temporarily blocked work for users from Russia. This decision the administration of the exchange took as a result of the fact that regulators from Russia began to restrict access to the resource due to the fact that country is preparing a bill on the prohibition of various crypto-currencies, in particular – bitcoin. On February 12, 2016, access was restored.

New partnership of bitcoin exchange Bitstamp:

Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp is constantly improving his security system. A number of transactions were concluded on cooperation with various companies, in particular, it is BitGo and Haro.

In 2013 bitcoin Bitstamp received $ 10 million from the Fortress Investment Group as a hedge fund.

Purchase bitcoin with credit and debit cards:

In January 2016 bitcoin exchange bitstamp announced the addition of a new feature: users that are residents of England and Slovenia, received opportunity to purchase bitcoins with the help of debit and credit cards, MasterCard and Visa.

To buy bitcoin with the help of a card is very simple: the operation is performed within a few seconds and occurs on the Vogogo platform.

Bitstamp received a European license:

In April 2016 bitcoin Bitstamp received a license from the Financial Sector Supervision Commission of Luxembourg, which allows the exchange to function in all 28 countries of the European Union.

The license is a guarantee of a high level of security, as well as a reliable protection of users. Previously, this level of reliability was characteristic only for traditional financial institutions (that is, organizations that worked with the currency).

Withdraw by gold:

In January 2016, users from the European Union became available a new feature on Bitstamp – the withdrawal of funds in the form of physical gold. The new feature became available as result of cooperation between Bitstamp and Moro & Kunst, an international gold reseller.

Gold is fully insured and can also be collected independently by contacting Moro, address: Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 156, 1000 Ljubljana.

The withdrawal of bitcoin by gold on Bitstamp is possible in the following countries: Great Britain, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Sweden, Slovenia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain.

Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp has added support for Ledger wallets:

In September 2016 bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp added support for LedgerHQ wallets. Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallets, along with keepKey and TREZOR. Adding Ledger to Bitstamp users deserves much respect.

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