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In this review, we will talk about the most popular and very useful service, which collects all real crypto-currencies (which have a chain of blocks and the source code is open), present on at least one exchange.

On the service coinmarketcap you can see various and significant data about a particular crypto currency (in particular, historical price dynamics, market capitalization, total number of available coins, change in the price and volume of supply in the market over the past 24 hours, etc.).

The main page of the coinmarketcap service looks like this:

coinmarketcap overview

At the top, you can see the total capitalization of all the Crypto-currencies. So, as of August 19, 2017 it is $143,161,563,403:

coinmarketcap market cap

In addition, you can see the cumulative volume of the exchange turnover of all currencies over the past 24 hours:

coinmarketcap market cap2

… as well as the share of bitcoin among all crypto-currency assets:

coinmarketcap market cap3

Below, on this site you can see the list of the Crypto-currency, sorted by the volume of capitalization (column Market Cap), in descending order:

coinmarketcap market volume ranking

This service can be regarded as a kind of rating of the Crypto-currency by the volume of capitalization.

The Price column lists the prices for one coin of the crypto currency, and the Available Supply informs you about the total number of available coins.

As you know, all crypto-currencies can be divided into those whose coins have already been produced in full and those that are still being produced (for example, the same bitcoin, the current offer of which is 16,515,587, and totally should be produced approximately 2140 21 000 000 coins). Those coins that are already completely mined are marked with an asterisk (“*”), for example:

coinmarketcap ripple iota

Volume (24h) – daily turnover on stock exchanges (for the last 24 hours)

In the% Change (24h) column, you can see the change in the price of a particular currency within the last 24 hours.

Price Graph (7d) – a miniature price chart for the last week.

In order to analyze in detail a particular crypto currency, you need to click on its name, or on the above graph (Price Graph (7d)) or on its price. Let’s do it on the example of bitcoin.

Going to the next page with detailed statistics of this crypto currency, on the left, under its name, you can see useful links:

coinmarketcap btc

  • Website – site
  • Explorer – browser blocks
  • Message Board – forum
  • Message Board 2 –

Below is the price chart and the volume of bitcoin capitalization since its appearance on the coinmarketcap service:

coinmarketcap btc chart

You can also see the graph for other time periods (day, week, month, quarter, year), or you can specify your time interval by specifying the corresponding values in the “From” and “To” fields:

coinmarketcap btc chart2

The blue line indicates the schedule of market capitalization, and the green line is the price chart. As we can see, both of them are closely correlated with one another.

The black bars, at the bottom of the chart, illustrate changes in the volume of the exchange’s turnover:

coinmarketcap btc chart volume

In order to find out the price of the crypto currency at a certain point in the past, just point the cursor at the green line on chart:

coinmarketcap btc chart3

So, for example, you can see that on April 29, 2014 bitcoin cost USD $ 447.44

If you click on the Markets tab, you can see on which exchanges the given crypto currency is present, as well as other important data for each of the trading platforms:

coinmarketcap btc markets

In order to find out the number of all existing crypto currencies, you need to click All and select Full List:

coinmarketcap btc markets filter

In addition, in the item Trending, selecting Recently Added, you can see the recently appeared crypto-currencies:

coinmarketcap recently added

If you choose Gainers and Losers, you can see the crypto currencies that showed the maximum growth and the maximum drop (for the last: hour, day, week):

coinmarketcap btc gainers

coinmarketcap btc losers

In the Tools menu, you can find tools such as:

Global Charts, which contain: a graph of the total capitalization of the entire market, Total Market Capitalization, the Combined Altcoin Market Capitalization schedule, as well as a graph of the bitcoin’s share in the total market capitalization of the Bitcoin Percentage of Total Market Capitalization,

Currency Converter Calculator – calculator and converter for crypto currency


Service coinmarketcap can be very useful to anyone who is more or less interested in crypto-currencies and especially those who trade (or plan to trade) them on the exchange.

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